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About Hossca Harrison, Founder of Jonah Life Institute

Hossca is and has been for most of 40 years a philosopher, mystic, teacher, medium, and founder of Jonah Life Institute llc, Universal Education Foundation, and Life Energy Flow Tai Yi School of Healing.

Hossca's life as a land developer and contractor vanished after a near-death experience from being caught in a rip tide off the north shore of Oahu in Hawaii. This experience propelled Hossca into a life as a medium and healer, traveling nationally, and internationally teaching thousands about the power within each, the power to transform pain into joy, the power in knowing the continuum of life.

Hossca has brought forth the long forgotten ancient Chinese healing treatments called Life Energy Flow Tai Yi. Hossca's students come from all walks of life, nationally and internationally. For more information visit

The often controversial teachings of Jonah and Hossca have led to front page articles in the Seattle Times, Denver Post, Longmont Times, Boulder Camera, and interviews on the NBC Today Show, Time Magazine, and different radio talk shows and TV newscasts.

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This group is for individuals who have listened to, learned from, and have integrated the teachings of Jonah. In addition, Jonah will, on occasion, answer general healing questions posted from individuals.

Where the Rainbow Ends

The picture below and on the cover of Tide of Change was taken by Daryl/Hossca, 24 hours prior to being pulled under the water by a rip tide where the rainbow ends.


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Learn why the NBC Today Show called Hossca controversial.

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