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"Ye, my friend, must be willing to take total and complete responsibility for all ye create, to love your creation, and to love yourself, to love your earth, and when this is done, to accept yourself as a master. Do not do this for ego aggrandizement, for a master does not carry an ego. The master does not carry fear. Masters live their own teachings."

"Begin joining with those of the light; with those of truth. Begin making the decision ye are worth the universe, because they are not separated from it. Become again as a child, for a master knows how to play. Become a student, for a master knows there is no end of learning. Become a teacher, for a master knows that to teach loving is the greatest contentment ye will ever find in all eternity. Become one with the source. Become one with truth, your truth, your individual truth, your personal truth. Become one with the universe and, truly, on your journey to mastership you'll never walk alone." -Jonah