A BELIEF WORTH DYING FOR? by Hossca Harrison (Book)

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A BELIEF WORTH DYING FOR? Now available as a workbook:
The book many have been waiting for, “A Belief Worth Dying For?” is now available. This book came into being at the request of Jonah. His Intensive of the same title was very important for ones to heal their core belief, an often deeply held belief causing mental, emotional, and physical pain. There have also been psychologists who were not at this Intensive using Jonah’s exercises incorrectly, causing undo hardships. The exercises he gave are very precise and if used incorrectly can actually hide the core belief deeper into the mind. For the last 20 years of Jonah Intensives, this is the first and only book that carries the full Intensive. There are no other plans to put past, present, or future Intensives in any media form. I wanted this book to be a workbook. It has a spiral binding so it can lay open to read. It includes pages titled notes to write down notes on exercises ones will do. It has larger type making it easier to read. The only part of this Intensive not in this book are the five guided meditations. For those who desire to use the meditations with Jonah’s exercises in this book, one may order them on this site in CD format title “A Belief Worth Dying For?” meditations. This will add depth of understanding while healing your core belief.