Jonah Autumn Seminar September 21, 22, 2019

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Real And Artificial 
Knowing The Difference To Adapt To Change

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The Next United States Jonah Spring Intensive Seminar



September 21 & 22, 2019

Denver, Colorado

Real And Artificial 
Knowing The Difference To Adapt To Change

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), what is the real reason there is such an impetus to have AI managing Earth and humanity?
  •  Why the majority will accept AI and what the end result will be.
  •  Jonah has taught that humans have been on Earth 300 million years. Jonah will teach how allied you are to the energetic history of humanity, and how AI will seek to erase this.
  •  The hum of the Earth is the Earth’s circulation, and how it affects the energy circulation of the human body. Jonah will give tools to improve weak or stagnate energetic circulation, which will help you to recognize the beginning subtle influences from AI.
  •  Is science fiction science from ancient human cultures? Jonah will share the wisdom of the ancients as tools for your healing journey.
  •  The Elite control knowledge, not wisdom. What does the Elite not want you to know about AI, Earth and human history that influences the journey of humanity?
  • As Usual Jonah Will Teach This And Much More


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