THE PROPHECY OF THE BLUE LIGHT by Ioanna Golfinopoulou (Book)

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The Prophecy of the Blue Light by Ioanna Golfinopoulou – Now Available!

In 1992 England, soon after Hossca’s second near death experience as described in Tide of Change, Jonah gave information to Ioanna Golfinopoulou about the crop circles. Ioanna used this information and described her, Hossca, and Rebecca’s experiences with the crop circles. Jonah’s information and our journey through the crop circles were made into the book, The Prophecy of the Blue Light. This book was published by a publishing company in Greece, in Greek only. The book has now gone out of print in Greece which has allowed Ioanna to publish The Prophecy of the Blue Light in English for the first time. This book has 16 full color pages of the most amazing crop circles this planet has seen.